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Kitchen and Stair Combined

Anthony J. Porto starts The Laminate Company, Inc. specializing in the fabrication of laminate countertops.  A company of three employees, based in Tyson’s Corner, VA, TLC, Inc. focuses on selling its product to kitchen cabinet wholesalers, dealers, and residential homebuilders.

The Laminate Company incorporates database software to enhance production and delivery scheduling, beginning the company’s focus on database systems as a way to operate more efficiently.

The Laminate Company expands its product line to include a custom laminate cabinet division, as well as its customer base, supplying general contractors serving the commercial construction market.

Now employing 20 people, Signature becomes a distributor for Virginia Marble Co., a manufacturer of cultured marble vanity tops.  Reflecting a growing emphasis on timely delivery, the company adds a customer service department and additional trucking capacity to handle the growth.

The three hallmarks of the company’s business evolve.  First, the company makes a decision to supply the homebuilder market on a direct basis, instead of using wholesalers and dealers.  Second, the company becomes a cabinet distributor for American Woodmark Corporation, the third largest cabinet manufacturer in the country.  Third, Signature implements an installation program, offering turnkey service to the builders to differentiate itself from the competition.  In addition to moving its corporate location from Tyson’s Corner to Sterling, VA, the company also introduces its new trade name, Signature Kitchens.

Signature Kitchens invests in inventory control software, digitizing another facet of the business.

Signature increases its employee base to 65, as well as opening a retail showroom in Tyson’s Corner in order to penetrate the remodeling sector.

A second retail store is opened in Manassas, VA.

As the recession begins to take its toll on the market; John Lombardozzi purchases 50% interest in the company and becomes the CEO for the organization. 

John Lombardozzi acquires the remainder of the stock and becomes the sole owner of Signature Kitchens.

Shareholder, John Lombardozzi acquires a small manufacturing business called RJC Industries Inc (dba: American Stair Products) Located in Chambersburg, PA.  RJC had acquired the assets of American Stair Products Inc and Armstrong Cabinetry which became trade names of the business.  The strategy was a turn-around and to leverage the Signature Kitchens customer base to increase revenue. 

Signature Kitchens acquires three small competitors, expanding its geographic base to Baltimore, MD.  It also begins its relationship with the Cardell Cabinetry product line.

Signature Kitchens moves its corporate headquarters from Sterling, VA to Haymarket, VA.

Signature Companies devises a Vision Statement, comprising of both a Mission Statement and Guiding Principles of Work & Culture, in order to codify the values of the company.  The company also achieves NAHB/NHQ certification, becoming the first distributor in the Washington DC Metro area, and the second nationwide, to be granted certification, ensuring that its focus on quality products and service is monitored by a national organization.  NHQ Certification demonstrates Signature’s focus on becoming the Best Turn-Key Supplier in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The company aggressively grows, doubling both sales and employee base, ending the year 2005 with 225 employees. 

To celebrate the beginning of its twenty-fifth anniversary, Signature Companies develops a customer website allowing customers access to their production, delivery, and service schedules, as well as financial documents.  Enhancements are made to Signature’s service program to make it institutionalized.  The company kicks off an internal program to promote the idea that the company is made of 225 employees working towards one goal.


Signature introduces Low Cost Custom Built Ins for the production home builder.  The product becomes a success and is introduced in many house types as a standard feature

2008 - 2009

A retail and remodel division, WoodCrafters is formed.  A new website and literature is created.  Signature introduces ReCraft for Cabinetry and Stairways, products that are designed and manufactured for homeowners.


Signature pieces are introduced, custom items that are built by our shop to match a production line cabinet, that help enhance the kitchen and bath designs.  The new look resulted in more builder sales and design awards giving Signature credibility for designs and manufactured pieces.  WoodCrafter wins the NARI Remodel of the year award.

Exciting new manufactured products including pre-assembled iron, glass and cable rails, improvements to the ultimate treads and custom cabinetry pieces help to move Signature into a role as a trend setter for our industry.


Manufactured items; including the ultimate tread, pre-assembled metal rails, a cable rail system and Signature pieces continue to grow.  A fresh new look is created for the Kitchen Business as part of the renovation of the Haymarket Showroom.  Signature Pieces are in 8 out of 10 kitchens shipped.  Manufacturing facilities are enhanced with new equipment including a flat line finishing system, CNC and custom rail assemble machinery help to automate manufacturing, resulting in more consistent products.  Internal Systems are enhanced to keep up with the growing demand for higher volume sales in manufactured items.