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Signature Style

Castlewood Model Tour - Signature Companies

Distinct. Innovative. Lasting.

Our unique Signature Style will set your designs apart by turning stock cabinetry into Signature Kitchens.  Each piece is crafted to fit seamlessly within the kitchen design to add an innovative touch to the completed kitchen.

Signature Pieces are designed to elevate your kitchen to a custom look without the custom price. Adding a few Signature pieces to your kitchen will help set you apart from your competitors and make your kitchen a memorable room. Our hood pieces are designed with standard blowers in mind so they fit effortlessly into any kitchen. Furniture legs, floating shelves, touchdown stations, inverted vanities help create homes with lasting style. Signature Built Ins allows customers to customize laundry or mudrooms, fireplace surrounds, home offices and custom closets. It is easy to pick an item or two from our Signature Pieces catalog to include in your base house designs that will elevate stock cabinets to a true Signature Kitchen.