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  • Signature Companies offers manufactured stairs in a complete range of stair configurations - box, open, and curved - in a variety of wood species and finishes (Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, and Bamboo).
  • Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to adjust the radius configurations of all stairs to your designs.
  • Signature Framing Sheets use a minimum of seven detailed measurements to ensure the fit and function of your stair and rail design. Framing sheets are designed with the most optimum rail configuration first. Signature's Field Representatives use contract drawings, preference sheets and site verification to generate the model specific framing sheets.
  • Designed with AutoCAD and cut on a CNC machine, you are guaranteed an exceptionally manufactured product that will fit properly the first time.
  • Signature's green manufacturing process minimizes waste by using leftover pieces of wood to manufacture plates and handrails.

Box Stairs
Open Stairs
Flare Stairs
Curve Stairs

Railing Systems

  • Signature Companies provides a variety of railing systems and offerings. Whether you are looking for a Post to Post system or a continuous Over the Post system we can manufacture and install the railings to your specifications.
  • From Fluted Balusters to Box Newels, our Pennsylvania manufacturing facility possesses impeccable craftsmanship skills along with quick delivery times, ensuring your product is expertly crafted and delivered within lead times.
  • Our railing systems, including balusters, newels, and handrails are available in metal and wood, with access to a variety of wood species and designs.
  • Several varieties of volutes and fittings offer you the chance to customize your stair to add that additional touch of elegance.
  • Detailed field measurements ensure that your railing system will be installed properly the first time.

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